LSSU medical student exchange program broadens studentsâ?? horizons

Students from Shaoxing University are learning from Lake Superior State University nursing school instructor in LSSU's simulation center.

A group of seven medical students from nearly 7,000 miles away are wrapping up a visit to Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.

As a part of Lake Superior State University's partnership with Shaoxing University in China, the students visited for 18 days to learn about the changes in policy and technology in the U.S. healthcare industry.

â??I think it's a very excellent program,â?? said Shaoxing University Radiology student Manwei Lou.

Shaoxing University Radiology student Yijia Zou said she liked the experience so much she might even come back to Lake Superior State University to study Nursing.

â??If I have a chance, I would like to continue my degree and graduate as a student in America,â?? said Zou. â??The simulation lab is excellent. We don't have such high-technology machines in China.â??

Lake Superior State University International Studies Director Guidi Yang said last fall, two professors from each university swapped places for a semester as guest lecturers.

â??They both enjoyed their stay in China,â?? said Yang. â??Their faculty members who came here last fall truly enjoyed their experience here.â??

Yang said LSSU students have shown interest in going over to Shaoxing University to take part but havenâ??t signed up for the program yet.

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