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      M-22 business directing traffic

      After months of construction, work on the M-22 bridge in Honor is forcing a local business owner to direct traffic himself.

      One-way traffic lights have caused customers at Riverside Canoe Trips to become trapped in the parking lot - unless a Riverside employee directs them out.

      Owner Kyle Orr says that so far business hasn't been impacted, but they would prefer flagmen to direct traffic for better customer service and safety reasons.

      ??Our efficiency ?? that??s where we??re really getting hurt, with the one-lane traffic, going through, our timing ?? that??s where it??s affecting us,?? said Kyle Orr of Riverside Canoe. ??I mean, as long as the weather??s nice, people are still coming to go canoeing and kayaking and tubing, and having a good time.??

      Orr said the customers to Riverside Canoe Trips have been very understanding, and that the sound of the construction doesn??t last long if you??re headed down the river, especially past Loon Lake.

      Since flagmen aren't included in the construction crew??s contract, Riverside Canoe Trips is trying to work something out with the sheriff or Sleeping Bear National Park - even for just the busiest part of the day. Their main concern is safety.

      ??You know, just know, when they come in this area just to be conscientious and cautious of the traffic, of the people,?? said Orr. ??There are going to be a lot of people around here, lots of small children - that's the worst thing we'd ever want is anybody getting hit by a car, so just be careful.??

      The construction is ahead of schedule but isn??t expected to be finished until at least mid-August.