Mackinac Bridge to increase toll rates in 2013

      The Mackinac Bridge Authority will increase toll rates for commuters in 2013.

      The new commuter rate will be $2.10 per crossing, provided commuter card holders make their return trip within 36 hours of the first one.

      The expiration date for commuter cards was eliminated in July 2012.

      After a series of public hearings in December 2007, the MBA board opted for incremental toll rate increase to help fund a long-term maintenance and preservation program that includes a complete deck-replacement project within the next ten years.

      The 55-year-old Mackinac Bridge is maintained and operated exclusively by toll revenue.

      The MBA says they will work diligently on the long-term preservation strategy to continuously review and implement a variety of cost-saving measures in the future.

      The rate increase goes into effect on Tuesday January 1st.