Made With Michigan Hands: Altus Brands

Altus Brands specializes in manufacturing products for outdoor enthusiasts.

The company started in 2008 with three founders who desired to own and grow a company while contributing to the community and industry.

"What Altus does is we are a consolidator of small hunting, fishing and shooting brands," Owner of Altus Brands, Brian Breneman said. "We either acquire them or partner with them and we bring them together under our roof as a manufacturer and then we sell their products through distribution."

Right now they manufacture about 15 different brands.

Pro Ears, BenchMaster, Crossfire Slings, and Cass Creek electronic game calls are some of their most popular brands.

"One of the coolest products this year and one of the most successful ones is the ReVO Pro Ears earmuffs," Breneman said. "Theyâ??re earmuffs designed for children. We've way surpassed our initial projection, and that has just really taken off!"

Breneman said all the companies and products they acquire are relocated to and manufactured in the Traverse City plant.

"When we first purchased our first company it was located in Colorado," Breneman said. "We looked at several different states to relocate the company to and Michigan was the one that seemed to be the best."

Altus Brands also manufactures their own animal scents in house.

"One of the other unique things we do is deer scents. There are 84 different kinds of urines and cover scents," Breneman said. "Not everyone bottles urine, but we do, and a lot of it."

Breneman says growing his business in Traverse City has been very beneficial.

"This whole community in the Traverse City area has really helped," Breneman said. "Every time we have a need and need help with a particular thing that we haven't had experience with, we always have someone we can call and help us out. That business friendly environment in the Traverse City area has been a key to our success."