Made With Michigan Hands: Dogman

It's not a wolf, and it's not just any old dog. It walks on its hind legs, lashes out when it feels threatened and carries a deadly bacteria.

This frightening creature is known as Michigan's Dogman.

Filmmaker Richard Brauer of Brauer Productions, Inc. was inspired to make the film from a song.

"The Dogman started as a song 25 years ago, by Steve Cook who works at WTCM," Brauer said.

The Dogman was filmed in Benzie County.

"When you do a movie like Dogman, it needs to be in a very rural setting," Brauer said. "I'm not going to shoot it in Downtown Traverse City."

Brauer said they went to a Benzie chamber meeting to ask permission to shoot the film in Benzie County.

"We basically asked them if they wanted us to be there in their community, and they all went, 'Yeah, are you crazy? Of course!'"

Dogman has already been released locally, but they are now distributing the movie nationwide.

"Luckily, we just received a contract with a distribution company in L.A. and they're representing us in North America," Brauer said. "They're probably going to repackage it. It's still going to be called Dogman, and it's going to be the exact same thing inside, it's just going to have their art on it."

Just as the legend of the Dogman is unleashed to the masses, Brauer is already working on what happens next.

"I'm on page 20 out of 100, so it's feeling really good, "Brauer said. "It's a whole different movie, the sequel is not the same stuff again."

Brauer said if you've already seen the movie then you know he left a lot of unanswered questions at the end. He said he plans to start filming the sequel soon.

"If we pull it off we'll probably do it late winter, next year."

So, until then, as the leaves begin to fall, and things go missing. Keep an eye out, because Dogman just might have his eye on you.