Made With Michigan Hands: Love Traverse City

Lauren Creighton and her husband were born and raised in Traverse City.

But it wasn't until they moved away to the south for 12 years that they realized this was home all along.

â??You know the thing about Traverse City is, I think when you grow up here you kind of take for granted how beautiful it is,â?? Creighton said. â??Itâ??s kind of like that saying distance makes the heart grow fonder, and so us moving back was kind of an inspiration for me to create this.â??

Her love for this beautiful city didnâ??t just prompt her to come back two months ago, it also inspired her new business venture.

â??Iâ??ve kind of always wanted to do something like this, it just took this situation to bring it about,â?? Creighton said. â??People who grew up here are very proud people of this area and we like to show it, so what better way to do it than this.â??

Her love for this city inspired the name of her business, Love Traverse City.

Creighton started out selling her t-shirts under a tent in front of Horizon Books on Front Street.

â??It went really well, I had a lot of great feedback from people and everyone was really nice and supportive,â?? Creighton said. â??That was great so that led me into where I am now. â??

Creighton just landed a spot for her shop in Front Row Center on Front Street.

She sells t-shirts, hats, stickers, and sweatshirts.

Creighton just got started, but she already has plans for the future.

â??I do have some ideas, maybe trying this idea with other areas that surround us that are also beautiful, like Traverse City, and weâ??ll see where it goes from there.

Creighton said moving back has made her appreciate this city even more.

â??We came back here just because we realized how good we had it here,â?? Creighton said. â??Now we have young kids, and you just realize when you live in other places how great it is here.â??

You can check out Lauren Creighton's merchandise


, or visit her shop in suite 103 in Front Row Center on Front Street (next to Harbor Wear).