Made With Michigan Hands: PDM FRUITstand

This is where FRUITstands are made, but not just any old fruit stand.

Itâ??s a PDM FRUITstand. This versatile product is designed to hold a wide variety of handheld devices.

The creator of the PDM FRUITstand is President of PDM Industries, Inc., Rodney Werly.

Rodney came up with the idea for the FRUITstand while at an airport leaving for a trip earlier this year.

â??I just didnâ??t like what was out there. I didnâ??t like the way it held the phone or the iPad at the different angles,â?? Werly said. â??And of course the expense. Everything I was looking at was anywhere from $15 or $16, $20 to $30, even up to $40. â??

â??So I just thought you know, it would be a neat thing for us to develop here at PDM to come up with a low cost stand,â?? Werly said. â??And one that if you lost it or left it on the plane you werenâ??t going to kill yourself because you left it.â??

The FRUITstands cost $10 and they are sold at City Mac next to Buffalo Wild Wings in Traverse City as well at PDM Industries, Inc.

PDM Industries specializes in plastisol coating and dip molding solutions.

FRUITstands are cut, bent and welded in one room. They are then dipped, dried and sent to the silk screen room where the label is applied.

Custom logos and screen prints can be added to the FRUITstands.

â??The FRUITstand, in addition to giving you an excellent viewing angle, itâ??s also non-slip,â?? Werly said. â??So if youâ??re on the plane and you run into some light turbulence, where most stands would jump around, this one wonâ??t move on you.â??