Made With Michigan Hands: SugarKissed

What started out as just a hobby has turned into a sweet career for Christina Burke.

Burke is the owner of SugarKissed in Traverse City.

She went to school to become a fashion designer, but she decided the fashion industry was not for her.

"I think when I was out in the industry I couldn't stand to sit behind a computer for 10 to 12 hours per day. So I just learned that I wanted to be up and around doing something and helping people," Burke said. "I think my job at Disney helped me a lot in deciding what I really wanted to do and I think baking has always been my passion."

So Burke took a chance and followed her sugary dreams.

"We've gotten a great local response with all of the local products we have and just the taste of everything," Burke said. "They just say the cupcakes are amazing and they're the best they've ever had."

SugarKissed opened its doors just a couple of months ago and their success so far has been the icing on the cupcake.

"As far as the yogurt goes, we have one thousand cups per case and in the first week we went through three boxes," Burke said. "So three thousand is pretty amazing for the first week and during the summer we were going through one case per day, so one thousand cups."

SugarKissed offers cupcakes, cake pops, frozen yogurt, and other delectable desserts.

"Some of the favorite cupcakes are the M-22, which is cookies and cream, and we have the Light of Day Blueberry Blessing, so we use Light of Day tea in that," Burke said. "In the winter we're looking to do a fondue bar, hot chocolate bar, and also do afternoon tea with scones and different kinds of desserts."

Burke said she hopes to make this a lifelong career and a place people can count on for satisfying sweets for years to come.

"My dad has always said, ' Do what you love', and I really am doing what I love."

For more information about Sugarkissed, check out their facebook page