Made With Michigan Hands: Traverse City Toffee Co.

Stephanie Crick is the owner of Traverse City Toffee Company.

â??I tasted it and I thought thereâ??s nothing like it in Traverse City, and I wanted to make it,â?? Crick said.

The Traverse City Toffee Company started in January 2012.

â??Itâ??s one of the things we donâ??t have in Traverse City,â?? Crick said. â??We have lots of homemade, gourmet niche` markets but was not something that we had in Traverse City.â??

It has been open for less than one year, but so far it has been a big success.

â??We have a hard time keeping it in,â?? Crick said. â??One of our merchants in particular, one weekend, called us for four deliveries, so it has gone really well!â??

Traverse City Toffee Company offers Original English toffee, Peninsula Cherry, Flirt and Coffee Toffee.

â??We sold probably equal amounts of Flirt and Cherry, but Flirt pulled ahead just by a nose.â??

Crick said their success wouldnâ??t be possible without the help of friends and family.

â??You will see my kids with the food service gloves on packaging the toffee, tying the bows,â?? Crick said. â??The girlfriends have come in late at night, hair pulled back, no make-up, yoga pants, glass of wine in hand, and weâ??re packaging because we had a really big order and we had to get it out.â??

Crick said Toffee is a very simple product to make because it is basically butter and sugar.

â??The trick of it is, is heating it correctly at the right temperature and the right speed,â?? Crick said. â??You donâ??t want it to get too hot too fast, but you do have to get it boiling.â??

She said once it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit she pours it into a baking pan.

â??Each batch is handcrafted, there is nothing factory or commercial about this,â?? Crick said.

You can find Traverse City Toffee at Benjamin Twiggs, Old Mission Multigrain, Mana: Food for the Soul, MIFarmMarket, and other stores in Northern Michigan.

â??At this point I donâ??t want to open a shop, I love having it in with other wonderful Michigan products,â?? Crick said.

She leases the Old Mission Multigrain kitchen where she makes the toffee.

â??They were the first people I went to and they helped me with all of my licensing, they got me into the food community, which was really wonderful,â?? Crick said.

Crick said toffee is her favorite candy in the world.

â??I donâ??t eat a lot of sweets, but this is a real downfall for me,â?? Crick said.