Major award sends Boyne student to help produce All-American Bowl


ather than being an on-camera star,
Boyne City High School Senior Andrew Deneau prefers the magic behind-the-scenes. Between shooting video, editing it and creating graphics, he does it all. Those skills are what led him to creating a video for a competition put on by the media company NewTek, which landed him a spot on the production team for the U.S. Army's All-American Bowl in San Antonio.


They called me and said, I got a perfect score,
two others including mine got a perfect score, theres only four of them chosen so I was happy about that, It was good to see my hard work pay off," Deneau said.


ndrew's work went up against hundreds of students nationwide


but there was something that made his work stand out on the national stage.


Andrew is a kid that is very into it and involved, he's always involved in some sort of production or film, I've had him for two years and he does an outstanding job and just has a vision that most people don't, he's got something special

," BCHS Video Production Program Manager Randy Calcaterra said.


eachers at the high school see nothing but great things in
Andrew's future. And many wonder, is Hollywood Andrew's next stop?


I wouldn't say I'm the next Sp


lberg, but I'll try my best to get as close to him as I can

," Deneau said.