Make your doctor's visit 15 minutes or less!

"The average doctor's appointment for a primary care visit is 15 minutes," said Dr. Sarah Mulder with the Traverse Area Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic

In this week's House Call, Dr. Mulder has a few tips to make sure your concerns are addressed and your doctor is up to date on your health.

"Come prepared," said Dr. Mulder. "Bring a list of your medications including the doses and a note about which ones need to be refilled. If this is too hard, then just bring all the bottles."

Dr. Mulder also said If you have any updates to your family history or any new test or xray results from another physician, have those on hand.

"If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, be sure to bring your log of blood pressures and sugars," said Dr. Mulder. "Bring a list of your concerns and make them known at the start of the visit. Don't save your biggest concern for last, it may be the one that is the most concerning for your doctor too."

Dr. Mulder also suggests you consider bringing a friend or relative with you to take notes or ask questions.

"Make sure that before you leave you get your answers," said Dr. Mulder. "Ask your doctor to explain things differently if they break into doctor gibberish. Be clear on the plan, including if there will be more tests done, further visits required, medactions started, or consults made. Ask them to write it down or make it available to you in case you have questions later."

Dr. Mulder said to also make sure you understand the medication you have been given, the dose, the side effects and when to take it. Make sure you start it or tell your doctor if you decide against it.

"You and your doctor are on the same team, and communication is the best tool to make the team succeed," said Dr. Mulder.

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