Manistee County girl found hiding in neighbor's garage

After a two day search, authorities finally found the 10-year-old Blessing Yoder. She disappeared early Tuesday. She was discovered hiding less than a mile away at her neighbor's house. She hid in a tight crawl space beneath the staircase in her neighbor's garage. The neighbor's found the girl when they went to get in their car Thursday morning.

"They heard a noise this morning, we were able to investigate it and located this child so certainly a positive ending were very pleased and satisfied with the fact we are able to locate this child without her being harmed," Michigan State Police Lt. David Street said.

The neighbors say that Blessing was going into the house to get food when they were away and when they found her she was safe and did not seem to be in any danger. Police say they are still working to figure out why she left home.

Those two days she was gone, a massive search on the ground and in the air covered a five mile area surrounding her Bear Lake Home.

"The community out crying and the community assistance and the cooperation in this area is remarkable and we are very happy about that," Lt. Street said.

The family released a statement Thursday.

"We are very thankful for the work and effort of the authorities and the support that was felt from the community to find Blessing Yoder, We are rejoicing at her safe return and especially grateful for the neighbor who found her and the Lord for answered prayers."