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      Manufacturer plans expansion that would add 36 jobs

      A n Emmet County manufacturer has plans to add jobs with a new multimillion dollar expansion.

      C ircuit Controls Corporation in Petoskey has filed paperwork with the county to add onto their current facility.

      T he last few years have been extremely busy for Yazaki's Circuit Controls Corporation.

      "T he automobile industry has rebounded significantly over the last few years and in response to that rebound and actually growth here and we haven't seen that type of group in quite a while ," Misty Matthews, Yazaki Communications Manager said.

      E ach month , this company is producing 600 million electric terminals used for car wire harnesses. W ith the demand going up , the factory is looking to expand.

      T hey plan on adding a new twenty-two thousand square foot wing and a larger parking lot across the street.

      "I t's exciting to have a local industry like this being able to expand and bring more jobs to the area because it helps all of us ," Carlin Smith, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce Director said.

      T hey also plan on hiring 36 new workers over the course of two years.

      "T hey really do have the community's best interest at mind ," Smith said. "W e should be very grateful that they are willing to expand and hopefully we can do whatever we can to accommodate their needs ."

      B ut with expansion comes some concerns from the company's neighbors , a condo complex.

      W hich have been discussed at county meetings and will be considered when the planning commission makes their final decision on the zoning of this land.

      "W e are absolutely going to work with the community to make sure the expansion works for them and works for us ," Matthews said.