Maritime Academy orders new ship simulator

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy has order a ship simulator that would give students the experience to pilot a ship without leaving the academy.

With help from a $20,000 Rotary matching donation, the Academy was able to secure the deposit on the simulator, which is expected to be up and running by the end of 2013's spring semester, according to Jerry Achenbach, the Superintendent of the Maritime Academy.

The simulator will be a room with 360-degree flat panel screens that duplicates water ways, as well as the different ship's characteristics, even weather conditions like a winter storm, Achenbach said.

Achenbach said that the simulator is both safer for students, as well as "greener", since you're not firing up a diesel engine each time.

The Academy is still fundraising, but Achenbach is hopeful that the simulator is installed mid-spring semester and can start the required coast guard checks to be fully functional by the end of that semester.

To make a donation to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, click here. You can designate your donation to go to the Academy, or specifically to the simulation project.