Massive downtown eyesore creates growing frustrations


here are growing frustrations in
Petoskey, which still has a giant hole in the middle of it's downtown due to an unfinished project that has sat dormant for years. For many it's considered a blemish in the downtown district.


The giant hole is the first thing people see as they come into town, its certainly not a sterling image that you want to present to the public, first time visitors especially

," County Emmet Celtic Shop Owner Ed Karmann said.


Karmann owns this shop across the street from the fenced off hole. The unfinished space that once was a planned hotel and condominium complex called Petoskey Pointe, which has sat vacant for nearly six years now. He like many other store owners downtown wish something would be done to fill the space.


We're ready to see something new and different there that is welcoming instead of the eyesore that it is right now

," Bearcub Outfitters Co-Owner Becky Phillip-Kraning said.


City of Petsokey is doing everything in its power to find a solution, but there's a roadblock stopping them. The property is owned by Northwestern Michigan Bank and they are waiting to find a possible buyer for the land.


City Manager tells 7&4 News that over the last few months, the city has sent letters to the bank. The letters state that the unfinished walls on the property are significant public concerns that must be addressed and they urge the bank to take immediate action to make the property safe and structurally sound.


espite growing frustrations


the downtown business community is keeping their heads up and hope a solution comes soon.


When you have a big property that is sitting vacant a long time, it does have an impact. The downtown is doing well, its surviving just fine, but there could be a tremendous new energy that could come from an exciting project in that spot

," Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce President Carlin Smith explained.