MDEQ Director tours Brown Bridge Dam construction site

The Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is in Northern Michigan taking a closer look at polluted sites and environmental projects.

The tour started Thursday at Bay Harbor in Petoskey. The site has been getting millions of dollars worth of water treatment after contamination was discovered from an old cement plan that once operated there.

MDEQ Director, Dan Wyant, says he's pleased with current water quality and the work that has been done there.

Friday morning the tour continued at The Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the grand opening of Cottage 36, an new affordable housing unit.

The 100-year old building was transformed into apartments.

Wyant says the MDEQ provided millions of dollars in grants to help clean up the site that was polluted with asbestos.

The group then traveled to the Brown Bridge Dam site to see how the renovation project is progressing. Last month a dam failure caused severe flooding and a quick draw-down of the Brown Bridge Pond.

Wyant says, "We want to see what the environmental impacts are. The fish kill, how the sediments are moving, and what we need to do to move forward."

He says the failure was unfortunate, but still sees the projects as a positive move for the area.