MDOT officials look to make M-37 safer for drivers

In the new year, the Michigan Department of Transportation is set to begin three major road projects on M-37 in Wexford County.

MDOT officials met with community members tonight at Mesick High School to talk about the upcoming construction.

Crews will be replacing pavement on M-37, from M-115 up to 10 ½ Road. They will also be putting in a roundabout at the intersection of M-37 and M-115.

Another project theyâ??ll be working on is straightening a stretch of M-37 just after Sherman Hill, which is a dangerous curvy incline which has proven to be difficult for many drivers.

Rick Liptak from the Michigan Department of Transportation says, "Coming down the hill, stopping, going up going down, thereâ??s a lot of vehicles that end up getting jack-knifed once they get up in that curve, it makes problems. The area at the intersection, we've had fatalities there recently because of traffic pulling in and out of that intersectionâ?¦ so that roundabout will limit that potential."

Work on the stretch of M-37, north of Sherman hill, is set to begin in April of 2013 and is expected to be finished before July 4th.

Construction on the round-about at the intersection of M-37 and M-115 will begin in mid-August and should be completed by the first of October. There will be detours related to both projects.