Memorial paves way for safer fairgrounds

Today the grounds of the Northwestern Michigan Fair are quite peaceful as workers set up and prepare for the days ahead.

By the time the fair comes to an end over 40,000 people will have stepped foot on the fairgrounds.

Many people will enjoy fair foods, horse shows, games, races, livestock auctions and much more.

"Throughout the week we have our normal grand stand events, truck tractor pulls, demo derby cars and all that kind of stuff," said Darryl Robinson, President of 4H Livestock Council.

While you may not find much peace amidst all of the hustle and bustle throughout the fair grounds, there is one new place on the grounds that serves as a peaceful reminder to be careful and will give parents some peace of mind.

It's called Zeke's Way, a memorial built in remembrance of 6-year-old Zeke Goodwin who was struck and killed by a truck at the fair last year on the eastern part of the campground.

"The parents were very grateful for what's been done for this," said Robinson. "The whole community has stepped up to help make this a possibility out here."

Thousands of dollars were donated by local businesses and community members in honor of Zeke to make a paved path for people to safely bike and walk on.

"The benefit of Zeke's Way will be the fact that the kids and the parents will be able to actually walk up from the back area of the campgrounds and be able to be safely," said Robinson. "Walking and riding their bikes along the path as opposed to mixed in with golf carts."

Robinson said all vehicles will be prohibited on the grounds after Sunday, all vehicles will have to have a walking spotter with them at all times make sure everyone stays safe during the festivities.

"Everything out here is looking good, the sprinkler systems out here are running great, the grass is green, barns are clean, everything's painted up so we have one of the nicest looking fairgrounds around!" said Robinson.

There will be a dedication and blessing of Zeke's Way Sunday at 6:30.

For more information about the Northwestern Michigan Fair click here.

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