Memorial service for former Michigan First Lady Helen Milliken

A memorial service will take place Monday for former Michigan First Lady Helen Milliken.

Hundreds of people gathered Monday in the Milliken Auditorium to honor Michigan's former First Lady Helen Milliken.

Pictures of the First Lady were on display as people entered the auditorium, giving a glimpse of her life and legacy.

Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow was not able to attend the memorial.

Instead, she sent a video message from Washington D.C.

Governor Rick Snyder spoke on Helen's influence on his life, both professionally and personally.

"My first interaction was in 1974. I just got my drivers license and I was going to work on a campaign to help re-elect the governor. In the last few years I'm happy to say there was a personal element to it in terms of having a chance to interact personally with Helen and with the governor and see what wonderful people they are," said Governor Snyder.

Helen Milliken was the state's longest-serving first lady and a staunch supporter of women's rights and the environment. She died last November at age 89.