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      Michigan business spreads holiday cheer to area veterans

      The Michigan Farm Market team along with Angel Ambassadors will be busy in their Antrim County workshop this week, stuffing gift crates for area veterans and their families to say "thanks" this holiday season.

      The crates are filled with some tasty Michigan-made products, all donated by several generous producers and will be hand delivered, mailed, and shipped overseas over the next couple of weeks.

      "There's so many out there and most of them are local, some of them are World War II veterans we want to, honor them too," said Angel Ambassadors Co. President, Marcie Newton. "Some are family members of veterans that are deceased. Some are overseas. We're going to ship a few overseas to people."

      It wasn't enough for just Angel Ambassadors and Michigan Farm Market to say "thank you," though. So they came up with a way to show the veterans that the entire community appreciates them.

      "We've set up gift card drop-off locations at several area businesses," said Michigan Farm Market Co. Owner, Scotty Bruce. "We also put out a plea online through all of our online communications and gift cards have been coming in from all over. Not only northern Michigan but really throughout the state so it's been pretty cool."

      This is the first year for the veteran gift crates and organizers say they hope it becomes an annual tradition.

      "They quite literally handed their life over to their country," said Bruce. So how do you say thanks for that? You can't There's no way to really repay them for that but hopefully this will be just a small, a very miniscule way of showing that their community appreciates them."

      To fill out a thank you card for a veteran, drop off or send a card to Michigan Farm Market in Traverse City or Ellsworth, and Angel Ambassadors in Petoskey. Organizers are still taking requests for gift crates to be sent to area veterans. To contact Michigan Farm Market, click here. To contact Angel Ambassadors, click here.