Michiganders remember blizzard of 1978

36 years ago Monday people across the Midwest were caught in a historic storm, the blizzard of 1978.

Northern Michigan has seen its fair share of severe winter weather this season, from snow storms to bitterly cold temperatures.

36 years ago Monday people across the Midwest were caught in a historic storm, the blizzard of 1978.

â??We were closed for four days before we could even get down here,â?? said Kerry Glaesmer, owner at Votruba Leather Goods.

Businesses like Votruba Leather Goods on Front Street in downtown Traverse City couldn't even open its doors.

â??A few places were open. I lived in town at the time and I walked over to a little store on Barlow and they were open. There wasn't many places open other than things that were on the main roads.â??

The ship Allegheny on West Grand Traverse Bay was listing during the blizzard because of the heavy ice built up at the top of the ship.

â??We kept thinking we'll get out the next day and get back to work here, and it kept getting worse and worse, and we were never able to get out so (we were) pretty much stuck in the house.â??

Centered in Ohio, the powerful storm covered hundreds of miles around the Great Lakes.

â??This is an odd word to use in the weather but it is used, and was used in the storm. It was a bomb. And a bomb is when a low pressure center just drops out. It becomes very low. It's like a big hole if you try to picture it in the sky. Air flows into it and then it just rushes into it very rapidly,â?? said TV 7&4 and ABC 29&8 Chief Meteorologist Mark Watkins.

The only way to get around many areas was by snowmobile, but that didn't stop one family from celebrating their daughter's fifth birthday.

â??The only time we needed some supplies was my daughters fifth birthday, and you don't disappoint a five year old for her birthday. So we didn't have party supplies so one of the neighbors called with the snowmobile and they said do you need anything? I felt kinda embarrassed to say well we could use some chips and maybe a box of cake mix,â?? recalled Dennis Kent.