Monkey sees, monkey eats, too!

Getting your children and teens to eat healthy at home is one battle, but while they're at school is an entirely different story! Making a House Call this week is Dr. Renee Tamlyn from West Front Primary Care in Traverse City.

Dr. Tamlyn, D.O, said don't use the word "diet" when talking to your kids about healthy eating. Instead, tell them which foods are better, nutritional choices.

Parents, in this week's House Call, Dr. Tamlyn offers tips to get your child eating better by really starting with the way you eat! Monkey see, monkey do, right?

Dr. Tamlyn said try and get the entire family to eat healthy and eat together whenever possible. Do not cut out all unhealthy foods, just limit and eat in moderation. Also, increase exercise and decrease television and computer activity as a family. If the entire family does it, one child will not feel alienated.

To learn more, click the video above.

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