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      Moomers' cows show frustration when the farmer is on vacation

      Farmer Bob Plummer milking the cows at Moomers in Traverse City.

      Bob Plummer is a co-owner of Moomers Homemade Ice Cream and Farm Creamery in Traverse City.

      With 18 cows milked twice a day, everyday, by Bob himself, Moomers produces over 2,700 pounds of milk each week.

      ??The farmers don??t go on vacation very often,?? said Plummer. ??I mean to me it??s a treat when I get to go out for supper at night.??

      Aside from the demanding daily duties there is another reason why Plummer seldom leaves the farm. When he goes on vacation milk production at Moomers goes down between 15% and 20%.

      ??I went away in February last year and we lost, everyday, production went down between 30 and 40 pounds a day,?? said Plummer.

      It would be moving to think that the cows actually miss him when he is away; however, Plummer says they are simply creatures of habit.

      Everyday the cows head to the barn to be milked at 6:30 a.m. and then again at 5 p.m. after Plummer??s nap.

      Milk production is a smooth process when Bob is in the barn but it is a different story when someone fills in for him.

      ??If you got somebody you??re with all the time and somebody else comes in and gets in your territory, you don??t like it so they like to have what??s going on the same way everyday,?? said Plummer.

      If Plummer and his cows have anything in common it??s the commitment they have to each other.

      ??The only time I??ve been out of my barn in the last 21 years is a couple years ago I had a heart attack and I was out for 10 days," said Plummer. "I had one kick me in the knee a couple years ago and I was out for six days on that, other than that I??ve been in the barn everyday, twice a day for 21 years.??

      But like any relationship sometimes Plummer and the cows have their differences.

      ??I got one right now she??ll come in the barn, eat a little bit and run off, she won??t let me chain her up so I go outside and chase her,?? said Plummer.

      Even though his job isn??t always easy Plummer wouldn??t have it any other way.

      ??I just like being a farmer I like the whole idea of getting outside and this time of year is great, you??re planting and things are growing and the cows are producing more milk and they??re happy and they??re content,?? said Plummer. ??I mean they??re out there lying down right now chewing their cud and having a good time and everybody??s happy.??

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