Mother demands answers after first grader walks away from school unnoticed

O n a cold December day, Andrea Jacobs's first grade son was at recess at Blackbird Elementary School in Harbor Springs.

H e was having issues with students on the playground so he decided to walk away. T he six - year - old boy went inside , grabbed his backpack , and left the building.

" He went out the main hallway of the school past the main office , which is closed and then went out the front door of the building and started walking home," Jacobs said.

H e walked down Lake Street, he made it a mile before a parent stopped and called his mother. He was missing from school for a half hour and no one noticed he was gone.

" The superintendent did not give me any clear information about changes that they have made problem-solving any meetings that they've had or identifying any progression towards the student safe ty," Jacobs said.

A ndrea Jacobs has met with school leaders and sent a letter to the school board last week, but she is frustrated with the progress that has been made. She says nothing has been done to make sure this doesn't happen again.

T o get answers , 7&4 news spoke with Superintendent Mark Tompkins. He declined to go on camera about Andrea's concerns, but gave us this statement.

" I t can happen anywhere , anytime , and it's a terrible thing. The school is reviewing and revising safety plans," Tompkins said.

H e says the new safety plans are still not complete , but he hopes to have them ready for the following school year. B ut for this mother , that is not soon enough .

" My concern is for the safety of all the students from this building , from early elementary , the students are from second grade and younger and they need to be kept safe from themselves and other people from other situations that could happen," Jacobs said.