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      Munson wellness program

      Bosley says the wellness program involved planning and research to properly implement the initiative for care providers.

      Being healthy includes both physical and mental wellness. That's why Munson Medical Center launched a new program to make sure their employees are focusing on their own health.

      "My position was created in early 2012 and primary intent was to really identify the wellness needs of the organization and create and shape a wellness program that would touch all 4,000 employees," says Munson Wellness Coordinator, Lyndsay Bosley.

      Bosley says the wellness program involved planning and research to properly implement the initiative for care providers. The idea is that a healthy lifestyle will reflect on their job performances.

      "I think the majority of things we've done has centered around research. So, looking at the needs of staff and what resources we have available. We have created a wellness website and also put on the first annual wellness fair," say Bosley.

      Bosley says the wellness program has specific goals in mind, which medical staff hope will help expand the idea.

      "First is to create to inspire employees and to become familiar and inspired. Another goal is to see ourselves at Munson as role-models. Employees have been very receptive to the wellness work-comments about being exposed to different opportunities and resources. It's also being a motivation for people looking to make a change," says Bosley.

      Someone who did make a health change and is a Munson wellness champion, is Jim Pecott. He started following the plan with physical activity and has since lost about 30 pounds.

      "I like to have a light workout program and use exercise and yoga before I ride my bike into work. I enjoy bicycle riding. I feel invigorated by the time I get to work. I think mentally it's better way to start the day," says Pecott.

      Pecott is just one of several Munson employees who is taking part in the wellness program because he says it helps create a positive balance.

      "With the new wellness initiative I think you've got people trying to explore ways of being more active and I think it's a great Munson has a lead on this," says Pecott.

      "It's important at Munson that we are all role models. It's important that we create a culture here that enables employees to be well and patients to be a role model in the future," says Bosley.

      For more information the wellness program at Munson click here.