Museum staff: 400K donor was "a real angel"

Charles Heffer spent a lot of his time at the Music House Museum.

We're learning more about the man who left the Elk Rapids Library $400,000 in his will.

Charles Heffer spent a lot of his time at the Music House Museum.

Elk Rapids Library wanted to know more about Heffer to thank him. They also wondered why he'd donate there when they never saw him.

The museum staff knew him well and had some insight as to why.

"He had a lovely quiet smile," Music House Museum Tours and Events Manager Patte Richards said. "He had no children so I'm wondering if by choosing the library...this is a thing to give something special for children. He cared about things that are important. Those are the things that he thought was important."

To top it all off, Heffer also donated over $500,000 to the museum, including his own estate.

"Personally, I just can't thank Chuck enough," Music House Museum Treasurer Sally Lewis said. "He's been a real angel to the museum. It's made all the difference in our ability to continue to serve the community and actually the whole world. We have visitors from everywhere."

The Elk Rapids Library is taking suggestions for what to do with the money Heffer donated to them with this survey.

Heffer may have even been at the library several times without the staff even knowing.

"He probably was there many times and they never noticed him," Richards said. "He might have received warmth and friendship from them just simply by the way they answered his questions or showed him where the books were. We don't always have to be 'me, myself, and I' to live in this world...I think that's the kind of person he was."