Neighbors nervous with attempted child abductor still at large

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office is investigating the attempted abduction of two young boys in the Holiday Hills area.

Officials tell 7 & 4 News that an 8-year-old and 9-year-old boy were approached on December 31st, around 3:00pm, on Village Circle Drive, by a man who asked them to get into his vehicle.

"The person approached the children and asked if they wanted to get in the car," said LT. Bryan Marrow, of the Grand Traverse Sheriff Department. "They immediately told him no, I am not supposed to talk with strangers or something to that effect, and immediately went and told a parent who immediately called a us."

The man is being described as being in his mid 40's, with dark brown hair and black square rimmed glasses. Officials say he was driving a purple 1990 or 1991 Lexus or Honda.

The situation has parents in the neighborhood on high alert, while talking to their children about what to do when a stranger approaches them.

"I would tell her to drop everything and run inside and get a grown up, preferably me or my husband but if we are not available then to find a grown up as soon as possible just to run inside, lock the doors and find a grown up," said Jennifer Walter, a mother of two, in the Holiday Hills neighborhood.

Parents in the neighborhood say there are close to 300 children scattered throughout the area. It's a big neighborhood, but the residents are very close and watch out for one another.