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      New 5K hopes to give back to those still fighting

      There's a new 5K race coming to Traverse City, but it's not your average mile for mile run.

      The military style course is called King of the Mountain, and is set up along the slopes and trails of the Mt. Holiday Ski Resort. Dozens of Volunteers have been working for weeks to bring it all to life. The race will consist of 20 obstacle courses that will include hurtles, balance beams, mud pits, wall climbs, and much more.

      "You got to be in pretty good physical shape but we're making sure that there is nothing that an average athlete couldn't complete," said Race Director, Matt Myers.

      Challengers will be able to enter as teams, or as individuals.

      "We'll have two waves, one will be for the warriors, and one will be for the recon teams," said Myers.

      Proceeds from the race will benefit the non-profit ski resort, Mt. Holiday, and the Ryan Patrick Kennedy House; an organization that will help military men and women and anyone else who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Military volunteers that have been helping to build the course say it's a cause that hits close to home for them.

      "It really touches my heart," said SSG Ryan Lamb. "I've deployed several times over seas and I witnessed my fellow soldiers and friends coming back struggling with PTSD."

      "I myself was diagnosed with PTSD," said Army Veteran Brad Giglio. "I went through a lot of training and stuff like that to learn how to handle it. I think it's really important that people learn that and as far as this being able to help, that's huge."

      The race kicks off at 12 p.m. on September 7th. For more information click here.