New baseball field is finally a reality in Petoskey


deal has been struck that's going to create a new baseball field for
Petoskey Public School athletes. The Petoskey City Council approved the new ballfield that will replace Turcott field, which is more than 50 years old.

"We recognize the deficiencies that this field has and its location along U.S. 31 makes it difficult for the players to get here," Petoskey Parks and Recreation Manager Al Hansen explains.

Hansen recognized these issues back in 1997 when he made the first steps to get a new field. Now 15 years later, the city's plan is finally underway. Turcott field will be sold to Mclaren Healthcare for more than $700,000. The new ballfield will be built on property near the high school that was sold by the district to the city last month for one dollar

"We think it's a significant improvement not only the safety of the field, but the distances on the field and sight lines, but just a really nice improvement out at the high school complex centralizing that with some other athletic fields that are out there and making it a little more accessible for members of the community," Petoskey City Manager Dan Rally said.

The communities new field will cost roughly $600,000 to build. Work on the new field will start in the spring. The City Manager says this partnership makes sense for both parties.

"Sharing athletic fields and sharing other athletic facilities helps our dollars go further, we are able to use those dollars more efficiently and we are able to produce nicer facilities at the end of the day," Rally said.

Players won't be able to step onto the new field until late next year. As for what's going to happen with Turcott field. Mclaren says they have no immediate plans.