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      New development bringing Meijer and housing to Acme

      A new Meijer store is the centerpiece of a commercial and residential development in Acme Township, but that's just the beginning. With the push of a shovel and the turning of dirt, ground was broken Tuesday for the Grand Traverse Town Center on M-72.

      â??This entire 180 acre site has to be developed; the roads put in, the water, the sewer and all the infrastructure,â?? said Jay Zollinger, Acme Township Supervisor.

      Site work will take about one year, and by next fall Meijer will start building its 196,000 square foot store that will anchor the project.

      â??When Meijer comes in there will probably be at least two to three hundred employees at the Meijer store alone for that location. There will be other opportunities here for other businesses and people in this location and that will bring additional employment to the area, so itâ??s just a great boost.â??

      Along with those businesses, there are plans for other stores, restaurants and even places to live.

      â??We have a thousand residential units approved to be built on this property, so itâ??s a mixed use,â?? said Steve Smith from the Grand Traverse Town Center.

      Zollinger says it could take between five and ten years to fully develop the property.

      The Grand Traverse Town Center will also be the future home of the historic Hoxie House and will be moved by the Acme Heritage Society.