New law moves school start age up

Governor Rick Snyder signed a law amending the state's current enrollment eligibility age requirement from December 1 cut off.

Michigan now joins more than half of the nation that have moved away from the traditional December deadline.

The September 1 cut off date will start in 2015, as a part of a three-year phase beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. In 2013 the student must be 5 by November 1; by October 5 in 2014, and then by September 1 in 2015.

Representative Ray Franz (R-Onekama) says, in a press release, that allowing students to be older and more mature in the school setting will help them be better prepared.

"The focus is doing all we can to set the next generation of leaders on a course for their educational success," Rep. Franz said.