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      New procedure proven simple but effective in treating lung cancer

      A procedure now offered at Munson Medical Center is giving new hope to cancer patients. The VATS Lobectomy is a a minimally invasive procedure that allows surgeons to operate inside the chest through small incisions and a camera. The surgery is mostly used to remove lung cancer and has become more popular in the last five years.

      "I am not able to get my hands into the chest, so I make small incisions and I use a scope or camera to aid me in seeing," said Dr. Shelly Lall, who performs the procedure at Munson. "They're like chopsticks, so I'm operating with chopsticks through a small incision."

      It's much easier on the patient than the typical method of cutting from behind the shoulder blade, all the way to the front and cutting or removing ribs.

      " It's better for the patient, they usually have a quicker recovery time, are back to work sooner, are back to their daily activities sooner and usually have a little less pain," said Dr. Lall.

      Not every patient is a candidate for the VATS Lobectomy. You should consult with your surgeon. For more information click here.