New sporting goods ensure happy hunting season

Bow hunting deer season is officially underway and thousands of people will take to the woods of northern Michigan. The archery season kicked off Monday and runs through November 14th, that's when firearm deer season takes over.

Archery resumes in December once firearm season wraps up on November 30th. But before you venture into the woods 7&4 News is sharing some new must-have sporting goods for the season.

Jay's Sporting Goods Archery Manager Derrick Poet, "Its almost intensity in the air. it's crazy, so busy., everybody is saying it's here, it's here, it's here!!"

Deer hunting season is here and so are the top new sporting goods that out-doors men can't wait to get their hands on, take the new OPS Code Black Trail Camera for example. Poet says, "The special thing about this is, it will text message you every time you get a picture. What you do is when it takes a picture it sends you a text so you can see a deer right in front of your stand.. right now!"

And to help ensure your new trail camera is in the right place at the right time -- there's also a new Ground Mount Trail Camera Holder on store shelves this season. Poet says, "You don't have to have a tree... now you can put your trail camera anywhere you want.. If there's a deer trial going through the woods and you don't have that perfect tree to strap your camera to, you can spike this into the ground and you have a trail cam exactly where you want it!"

The tech-friendly sporting goods continue with the new S4 Gear Jack Knife Smartphone Bow Mount with allows you to capture video and impact shots. Poet explains, "This next product we have is so hot.. .its sold out! It holds your iPhone to your bow while your hunting, so you can record from your iPhone while your making the shot., hold your bow and text from a tree stand... "

To hear about even more new products for this season, click on the video above.