New suit, same attitude: Petoskey Batman returns

New suit, same attitude: Petoskey Batman returns to YouTube with a messge to northern Michiganders.

Northern Michigan's caped crusader will be patrolling the streets once again in a brand new suit. Mark Wayne Williams, also known as the "Petoskey Batman," is taking his mission to protect and serve to YouTube.

Petoskey Batman is encouraging community members to help protect their neighbors and let others know they care. He said that's the message behind his crime fighting mission.

"The whole idea behind this is to show you that it's up to everyone in the community," said Williams. "If you see a problem, step up and do something to stop it."

Williams is encouraging people to join a neighborhood watch and keep an eye out for one another. He has a brand new YouTube channel where he'll be posting to his loyal followers. You can also keep track of the caped crusader's activities on his Facebook page.

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