Nigerian scam targets small businesses

The Traverse City Police Department is asking authorities in Florida for help tracking down Nigerian scam artists that ripped off a downtown Traverse City guitar shop.

Zamar Guitar on Front Street lost several guitars worth about $10,000 in the scam.

It all started in January when a customer emailed interest in some merchandise. The store owner, David Eickenroth says he talked with the person over the phone, ran a credit card, and waited a few days to make sure it went through before sending the guitars.

The package was sent to a Tampa Florida address.

A month later, the credit card processing company notified Zamar Guitar that the customer used at stolen credit card number. All the cash was withdrawn back out of the store's account.

Traverse City Police Captain Brian Heffner says he's aware of guitar shops in two other states that fell for the same scheme.

The address the guitars were sent to is believed to be a drop-ship site.