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      NMC drone program soars to new heights

      Northwestern Michigan College is becoming a hub for aviation students looking to specialize in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

      â??Itâ??s a very unique program. In fact, when we first started we were probably only one of six in the country that used aircraft and probably only one of two that actually taught people how to fly these aircraft,â?? said Aaron Cook, NMC Director of Aviation.

      Because the program is so unique, Cook tells 7&4 News graduates are able to make a high salary shortly after leaving school.

      â??Students that get into this field actually start out of college making about $60,000. They are well into six-figures a year or two into it. The really neat thing isâ?|itâ??s an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new industry, so the advancement opportunities are tremendous for our graduates,â?? Cook said.

      Students with the right skill-set can get jobs operating drones in the military and here at home.

      Cook said there are more and more civilian opportunities becoming available. Drones can now be used to map forest fires, inspect bridges and conduct surveillance.

      Click here to checkout what introductory drone training looks like at NMC.