NMC to offer helicopter training

A new kind of training just came to Traverse City - Northwestern Michigan College will now offer helicopter training lessons.

The training is through TC Helicopters and NMC's Aviation program - and it will make the college one of the few helicopter schools in the Midwest.

Five students have just started training and NMC says this is a great opportunity for student pilots to get extra experience and earn ratings even if they aren't looking to get a degree.

"There's a need in aviation in general - whether its fixed wing or rotary wing pilots," said Aaron Cook, the Director of Aviation at NMC. "There's jobs out there with the retirements and things like that; there's certainly a demand for helicopter pilots."

Both NMC and TC Helicopters say helicopter-trained pilots can get a career working in a lot of different fields - including the healthcare and logging industries, oil platform transportation, and sightseeing tours.