Northern Michigan cherry wine goes worldwide

One Old Mission Peninsula winery is expanding their horizons - to the other side of the world.

Chateau Grand Traverse Winery is seeing huge success in its exports of cherry wine to China.

They've exported smaller shipments in the past, but now they're sending out more. The latest shipment was about a dozen pallets. In working with a wine broker, Franwyn Inc., Chateau Grand Traverse is excited to be reaching a point where the demand could turn into regular shipments.

Representatives say people in China love the taste and the wine's color - because red signifies happiness and good fortune in their society.

"They say a rising tide floats all ships," said Eddie O'Keefe, the President of Chateau Grand Traverse. "And really, the exposure that we might get is only going to benefit the whole northern Michigan wine industry - in the fact that it might open more roads for other wineries to export, but it also enhances our area really worldwide, as well as just gets us on the map."

O'Keefe estimates that without any cherry crop shortages, they could be sending as much as ten times this shipment of wine next year.