Northern Michigan gun owners fire back at Obama's proposal

Since President Obama's proposed ban on so called assault rifles and high capacity magazines, gun owners across the country are waiting to see what's going to happen next.

"Well I hate to see any efforts to take away any guns away from law abiding citizens," said long time gun owner, Jim Stephens. "I do appreciate the efforts to keep them away from criminals and the mentally ill, but law abiding citizens should have the right to take on a weapon."

"It would be a shame. A lot of people shoot as a hobby, and they've done nothing wrong to have that hobby taken away from them."

Northern Michigan gun stores are also responding to the hot topic.

Shooters Indoor Gun and Archery Range, in Grand Traverse County has been sold out of so called assault rifles and high capacity magazines since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"Typically in Michigan we see a lot of the varmint hunters that use them," says Shooters owner, Danny Griffith. "That's gotten really popular now. And recreational shooting. We see a lot of people that just enjoy shooting them."

Griffith says that 80 percent of their sales come from customers who are purchasing high capacity magazines with 10 rounds or more.

If the ban is approved, Shooters says that they aren't sure if the business impact will be positive or negative.

"It will probably take a while for manufactures to address manufacturing firearms within the new gun limits," said Griffith. "So it may take a while for the pipeline to get filled up when it all shakes up to see just what is available."