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      Northern Michiganders battle bitter cold in record breaking temperatures

      Northern Michigan temperatures were well below zero Thursday night and some area lows even turned out to be record breaking.

      The village of Pellston in Emmet County has a sign that reads, "Ice Box of the Nation." Their temperatures on Thursday supported that reputation when the thermometers read -33 degrees.

      "It was pretty cold so, coming around the corner over here you could kind of feel the ice forming on your eyeballs," said Lawrence Smith who works in Pellston.

      Temperatures in Gaylord were also frigid. The city beat their 2008 record of -12 degrees, when it dropped to -29 on Thursday.

      "It was brutal," said Penny Martin. "The animals wouldn't go outside, the siding on the house was cracking and popping, you could hear the trees with the wind. It was cold."

      Possibly the coldest recorded temperature in northern Michigan came out of Mancelona. David Gruley woke up on Friday around 5:00 a.m., looked outside through his patio door and saw that his thermometer was reading -38 degrees.

      "O.M.G.," said Gruley. "Really, no L.O.L.. Oh my God, go back in the house."

      The temperatures were so low, that many area water water pipes ended up freezing and breaking.