Northwestern Michigan Fair takes Swine Flu precautions


he U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are asking people attending fairs to take precautions when around pigs because of the rising number of swine flu cases.

Ten people got the virus last week at an Ohio fair bringing the total to more than 30 new cases since last summer.

Organizers at the Northwestern Michigan Fair in Traverse City are working hard to make sure everyone stays healthy.

Darryl Robinson, President of the 4-H Livestock Council says, "We keep the barns clean, we clean out the pens, we have handwashing stations, and plenty of sanitizing."

The new flu has a gene from the 2009 pandemic strain that migh make it more contagious, but the CDC says there is one main difference.

Tom Skinner, a spokeman for the CDC says, "It has primarily been transmitted to humans who have direct contact with swine."

Women who are pregnant, young children, and elderly should consider avoiding exposure to pig barns this summer.

Health officials say you can still go to the fair and have a great time, just wash your hands often.