Now You Know: Emilia Schaub

Emilia Schaub was born in 1891, to German immigrants in a log cabin in Leelanau County.

Her family owned a grocery store and planted the first vineyard in Leelanau County.

â??Her and her younger sister were the telephone operators at the time,â?? said Maddie Buteyn, Exhibit and Events Coordinator of the History Center of Traverse City.

Buteyn said the vineyards were doing well in Germany and when the family moved to the United States they made it a point to plant their vineyard on the 45th parallel.

At a young age Emilia wanted to become a lawyer.

â??One of her aunts worked really well with the attorney in their area, so they made sure their business didnâ??t fall through the cracks in any situation, so they had a good name,â?? Buteyn said. â??She respected that so she looked in to becoming an attorney as well.â??

Schaub holds many firsts in Michiganâ??s history.

She was Michiganâ??s first woman to be elected and serve as county prosecutor.

Schaub was also the first woman from Leelanau County to practice law in Michigan.

Just two years out of the Detroit College of Law, she was the first female lawyer in Michigan and the United States to successfully defend a murder case.

Schaub was a valued member of the community.

She did a lot for the area, she also helped a lot with the tribe,â?? Buteyn said. â??In the 1930s she wanted to get the tribeâ??s voice heard about treaties, fishing treaties, and other things going on in the reservation.â??

Buteyn said Schaub was an honorary member of the tribe because of what she did for them.

In 1990 she was elected to the Michigan Womenâ??s Hall of Fame.

â??It was because of all of the things she did as an attorney,â?? Buteyn said. â??She was an attorney you didnâ??t really push around, if she believed it, she did it.â??

Schaub died in 1995 at the age of 103 and was the oldest living alumna of the Detroit College of Law.

â??She didnâ??t just become an attorney, she was a good attorney,â?? Buteyn said.

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