Now You Know: Get your life in gear with a lifestyle manager

Does it feel like life has you by the collar? Do you work hard for the money all week but can't carve out time to pay the bills? Can't remember the last time you bought groceries? Do the daily chores take up all of your free time? Is your closet about to swallow you whole? Need a vacation but have no time to plan it or pack? What about the Christmas lights you promised to put up for the kids this year?

If the daily grind has a hold on you there is one man who can do it all so you don't have to.

John Wheaton is a Lifestyle Manager in Traverse City.

"I've been doing this since 2001, and before that I was more of a corporate concierge working in a hospital setting," Wheaton said.

According to Wheaton, his job has endless possibilities.

"The duties really do vary quite a bit depending on what the client needs to have done," Wheaton said. "Sometimes I help with party planning and actually getting the party set up. Sometimes I arrange to have carpeting installed and then other times I will go ahead and arrange to get their car taken in for service."

Wheaton said in his past experience he has paid client's bills, hired staff, researched vacation destinations, decided budgets, wrapped gifts, worked as a personal shopper and the list goes on.

It seems as if there is nothing he can't do, but there are a few things he won't do.

"Generally, I won't do anything that is illegal, unethical or just mean-spirited," Wheaton said.

The way that Wheaton charges his clients varies from customer to customer.

"Generally, I meet with the client and decide what types of needs they have," Wheaton said. "I think it's usually best to start on an hourly basis until we get the trust back and forth that we're getting everything accomplished that we need to."

There are different types of people who Wheaton would recommend his services to.

"I think ideal clients would be people who are very successful in business, people who work a lot of hours, people who just feel that they're just not having enough fun," Wheaton said.

Wheaton said there are a few reasons why he wants to continue working as a lifestyle manager.

"I think the variety, I mean I always like to go out and see what's what and investigate and then the challenge of figuring out the best way to do it," Wheaton said.

The only downfall of the job seems to be getting all of his expertise to fit on one sheet of paper.

"My resume is pretty varied, it's probably not the type of resume that people necessarily look at for a lot of jobs," Wheaton said.

It seems that the only thing that can limit Wheaton's capabilities is your imagination.

"I like to do a lot of different things, gives me the experience in a lot of different areas and there's really nothing that's too small to be done," Wheaton said. "If you don't have time to do it and it needs to be done, let me know and I can take care of it for you."

So before you pull your hair out, bite the bullet this holiday season and ask for a little help. He may not fit under the Christmas tree, but I'm sure his assistance would make someone very jolly.

If you would like some help from Lifestyle Manager John Wheaton you can contact him at