Now You Know: Give the gift of a personal chef this Christmas

Kathy Rymal is a personal chef in Traverse City. She has 26 years of experience and owns her own business called, What's For Dinner?

Rymal said her main focus as a personal chef is to make sure all of the food she uses in her recipes is fresh and the meals are well-balanced.

"I cook all kinds of food, I can do family favorites, kid-friendly things," Rymal said. "But everything I do, I really try to focus on using the least amount of fat and sodium, lots of fresh vegetables and still make the food taste really great."

Rymal currently has eight regular clients. Her services vary. Some clients she prepares food for on a weekly basis, while others she only cooks for three to four times a year.

"By the time I was 11 or 12 years old I was cooking at home for family sometimes," Rymal said. "The deal for me was I could either cook or I could clean up and so I opted to cook!"

Rymal said she tried her hand at a lot of different things before she realized the oven mitt was just the right fit.

"I did some schooling, I went to school to be a licensed barber, I worked for an orthodontist for several years and none of those things were a good fit for me," Rymal said. "It just came back to what I really loved was food."

Rymal said her services would make a great Christmas gift. It just so happens that her services were a gift to one of her clients that she has been cooking for regularly for 11 years.

If you would like more information about Kathy Rymal and her business, What's For Dinner?, you can visit Sample menus and her rates are also on her website.