Now You Know: How Best Buy prepares for Black Friday

"We always have one lady that's always at the front of the line on Black Friday." said Brian Stawa, General Manager of Best Buy in Traverse City. "She comes in at about 3 o' clock or 4 o' clock on Wednesday, she goes, 'I'm first, I'm first!'"

People all over the nation are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

"We open up the doors at 12 o' clock, we let 50 people in at a time and then we stop the line for just a few seconds, and then let another 50 in," Sawa said.

From pitching tents and grabbing comfortable shoes for long lines, to circling ads, and getting to stores on time.

The early hours and longing for the best deals can make people do crazy things.

We wanted to know how big retailers like Best Buy prepare for the holiday madness.

"The team absolutely loves it and our customers do too," Sawa said. "So we try to make it a fun event for them."

Sawa said the Best Buy employees are set in specific areas in the store for Black Friday.

"This weekend we're having a dry run, a practice run with all of the team Saturday morning," Sawa said. "We're going to put them in real life situations where they're surrounded by, you know, 10, 20, 50 customers, and how they deal with that."

Sawa said last year the line wrapped around the back of the building for Black Friday.

He said they have been preparing for this day for quite awhile.

"We start planning Black Friday months ahead of time, as a matter of fact our employees go through pretty intense training," Sawa said.

To avoid confusion and mayhem Best Buy Mobile Supervisor, Nikki Dahl says this year they're making things easier.

She said for the doorbuster items in the ad, they will have specific tickets for those products. The tickets are color coded matching the color of balloons, which are located where specific items are in the store. She said this is to help customers to know where to go to get their items. Store associates will also talk with customers about what they are looking for.

Stawa encourages people to get to the store early for hot ticket items such as cameras, tablets, computers, and televisions.

"That's why people wait in line Wednesday and Thursday, to get here," Stawa said. "We have a great ad that runs all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so again, there will be a lot of specials throughout the whole weekend that people can take advantage of."

Stawa said they have a good partnership with the Speedway and Shell station on the corner near their store, and they are ready for the customers who want things like coffee and doughnuts.

"I would say be prepared, know the ad, that kind of thing," Stawa said. "But again it's a fun day for everybody, and make sure people are assigned where they need to be, and we're taking care of our customers that day."

You can visit the Best Buy Website HERE and view their Black Friday ad HERE.