Now You Know: Interior designer tips for holiday decorating on a budget

We all know the holidays can be a bit stressful. If you don't feel like decking the halls this year you don't have to! I found someone who can decorate your home for you, and with a little inspiration she can do it at a very low price.

Becky Naples is an interior designer and the owner of Arterior Designs in Traverse City.

"I take a really hands-on approach to design, so anytime I can get in there and do something with my own two hands I'm all about it," Naples said.

She considers herself to be very budget-conscious when it comes to decorating for clients.

"A lot of times I would come in and look at what you already have," Naples said. " We can start searching through your stuff and I can pick out some things that you may have never even considered putting out."

Naples showed me a home she recently decorated for one of her clients.

All of the decorations are inspired by nature.

While walking through the woods Naples said she found some beautiful greenery to make wreathes, swags, centerpieces and chair back decorations.

She said it only cost $2 to make the wreaths because she only had to buy craft wire and satin ribbon.

Naples also made a few candle holders out of recycled wine bottles and a few placemats and stockings out of recycled burlap.

"It's a very hot thing right now," Naples said. "Anything you can use recycled is very in right now."

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