Now You Know: Let Lights on with Care brighten your home

Lights on with Care is a Christmas light installation business that serves Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska and Leelanau county.

Dustin Ergang started Lights on with Care two years ago. It all started when he was decorating his grandparent's home for the holidays.

"My Grandfather had mentioned, why don't I try doing it for other people who aren't capable of or just don't have the time," Ergang said.

Ergang's grandfather passed around his information to people at a nearby VFW hall and since then he has had many repeat customers.

Ergang said he loves hanging Christmas lights and he recalls a time when he was in the middle of a competition between two neighbors.

"I had a customer, I was out working at his house, I got done and I was on my way out to leave and the neighbor across the road knocked on the window of my car and slipped his card in and said, 'Call me when you get home and we'll talk about decorating my house, but I want you to come do it when they're not home'", Ergang said. "I was very shocked, I had to pull off the road to laugh about it."

He said he took the guy up on his offer and actually decorated his home while the neighbors, his previous clients, were home, but everybody thought it was funny.

Ergang said he decorates the homes of Veterans for free and also offers discounts for seniors.

Rain, shine or, snow Ergang said he is willing to work in all weather conditions.

"I like to go up and decorate big trees and I love doing houses on the outside because it's just fun," Ergang said.

A typical Christmas decorating project Ergang said takes about an hour to complete depending on what needs done.

If you would like to contact Dustin Ergang for his Lights on with Care services you can call him at 231-360-9227 or email him at