Now You Know: Tiny Toes Travel

"It's been fun meeting people from all over the country, all these families, and it's been really well received," said Sheri Novak, Owner of Tiny Toes Travel. "The people are always so nice and they're just thankful that there is a service like this in the area."

Tiny Toes Travel is a baby equipment rental business that serves Northern Michigan. Novak took over the business from a friend and she launched the Tiny Toes Travel website in June 2012. The summer season kept her busy with vacationers who sought out her services. Just a few months after she started the business Novak had 24 customers in August.

"There's also a lot of grandparents up here and this business works great for them because, you know, their grandkids may come just once a year, twice a year," Novak said, "And they don't want to buy the crib, and the stroller, and the high chair and everything else they need and then have to store it in their home."

Novak charges by the day and said that prices vary by product. You can place orders on the Tiny Toes Travel website.

As a mother of two kids, Novak understands how difficult it can be to travel with little ones.

"You know sometimes it's hard to get across town with a baby, let alone to be on a long trip, So I just want to take some of the stress away from the parents and just make it nice and easy for them," Novak said. "You know from when they arrive to when they depart, just make it as simple as possible."

She also wants to ensure that everyone gets a little rest and relaxation once they make it to their destination.

"Making sure that the baby is really comfortable, because you know it's hard for anyone to sleep on vacation sometimes, but if a baby's not comfortable nobody's sleeping," Novak said. "So, the cribs we offer are cribs that we would put our children in and they're nice, big, sturdy cribs on tall mattresses and they're just comfortable."

To make sure everything is up to code and safe, Novak registers all of the products so she will be informed of any recalls. She also cleans all of the products with natural cleaners after each rental.

"Once they get up here we set it up and they can just start their vacation the minute they arrive instead of, you know, having to deal with the crib and everything else and all those worries," Novak said.

Examples of rental rates/day(s):

Full Sized Crib with Mattress and Fitted Sheet- $20/day, $75/4-7 days

High Chair- $10/day, $40/4-7 days

High Chair Booster Seat- $4/day, $16/4-7 days

Pack N' Play- $12/day, $48/4-7 days

Exersaucer- $7/day, $28/4-7 days

You can find more information about Tiny Toes Travel, rent baby equipment, or contact Sheri Novak on her website HERE.

You can also visit the Tiny Toes Travel facebook page HERE.