Officers become target of shooting while investigating gun shot reports

Around 2:45 PM yesterday, officers arrived at the home after being called to the scene after a third party reported gunshots fired inside the home

A shootout between Sheriff's deputies and a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle has left residents in a Grand Traverse County neighborhood thankful to be a live.


Sunday afternoon outside a house on the 1600 Block of Sunhurst Street in Grawn.

Around 2:45 PM yesterday, officers arrived at the home after being called to the scene on reports of a 50 year old man firing a gun inside of his home. A perimeter was set up around the home and phone contact was established with the residents, a father and step-son, inside.

According to authorities, one of the residents came out of the home. Officers were in the process of securing him when a second man came out of the house and opened fire on several of the officers with a high powered rifle.

One deputy from the Sheriff's Office was able to return fire.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the shootout and authorities were able to get control of the suspect and arrest him. Lance Reed, a neighbor who lives across the street, says several bullets hit his home. One bullet came through his refrigerator and almost hit him. Reed explains what happened that afternoon, "I'm scrambling eggs and I hear pow, pow, pow, next thing I drop to the ground... trying to stay out of the way until the bullets stop."

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's office is handling the initial investigation of gunshots heard inside the house. The Michigan State Police is further investigating why shots were fired at the officers. Sheriff Thomas Bensley says in this case, "We're the victim."

Lt. David Street Commander of the Michigan State Police Post in Cadillac says, "Quite frankly, by the grace of God no one was injured in this incident by gunfire, no one was shot, no one was killed."

Authorities say the 50 year old suspect did suffer a broken leg during the arrest and he is currently at Munson Medical Center receiving treatment.

Once released, the suspect will be arraigned on several felony charges, including Attempted Murder.