Oh, Mahi Mahi! Phil has a fresh catch

"I just got back from Florida," said Chef Phil Murray, Owner of Phil's on Front in Traverse City, while displaying a heavy Mahi Mahi he caught during his trip. "I caught him off the coast of West Palm beach. I fillet him yesterday, put him on my carry-on baggage, and he's still fresh as can be."

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This week Phil is teaching you how to cut, prepare and grill Mahi Mahi.

"What I do is I cut him down the center first," said Phil. Cut out the center where the blood vein is and where the bones are. Then, you cut the skin off."

Next, Phil said to turn the fish upside down, and cut the rest of the darker edges of the fish (the blood vein) off. After this, turn the fish back over.

"Now you're going to cut him, and make him look like little fish," said Phil, slicing the fish into pieces.

Now, toss the cut pieces onto the grill.

"All you need is a little bit of fresh salad, some steamed vegetables, and you've got a wonderful meal," said Phil.

Phil's Mahi Mahi is on the menu this weekend at Phils On Front in downtown Traverse City. Phil's on Front is located at 236 East Front Street.

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